Secret Missing Ingredient for Manifesting Deepest Desires

Manifesting is more then just willpower, if I just work harder, do more, the list goes on and on. These are coming from a place of lack. It reminds me of the song, “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” Actually this is not far off at all. We have been taught that success, happiness, love etc is out there somewhere. However the real truth of the matter is that it is inside of each one of us!

The golden key lies within your heart. The gem, is in cultivating self- love and connecting with your deep heart wisdom. I can hear you, “Tammy I do love myself.” Excellent I am glad you do. Or you maybe saying “I don’t love myself, I thought it was better to love another.”

Neither is right or wrong, however they both have an opportunity. If you love yourself then how could you love yourself even more? Love is ever expanding.

Self-love is important because at the end of the day, we have ourselves. In the past it was seldom talked about in a positive way. One could be accused of being self-ish and that wasn’t considered very becoming.

It is hard to give from an empty cup. This can look like always being busy, giving, serving not stopping other then to sleep and then get up and do it all over again. Often because you don’t know any different or that you can say no.

Cultivating a loving practise is being aware of how you talk to yourself. What is your mindset. Do you give yourself words of kindness or call yourself an idiot or something? It is the kindness and softness that you would show to a child or a pet that you deeply cared about. Imagine now the feeling or experience of that connection. What do you notice?

How do you treat yourself? Do you tend to not want to feel your feelings and emotions or have you learned to stuff them down?

What things do you do things that promote your heart to feel happy, alive and vibrant?

Do you go into nature and pay attention to how you feel? What do you notice around you? How does it smell, what scents can you pick-out? What are the various sounds?

Do you take time to appreciate beauty? Beauty can be different things to different people, a beautiful meal prepared with love and fresh ingredients that is displayed on a plate like a piece of art and wonderful smells and flavors that awaken and stimulate your senses. When you do this, what do you notice in your mind, body and being?

Gratitude is another important ingredient for cultivating kindness and manifesting.

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