Acid/Alkaline Balance – could it be affecting your energy level?

Recently I have heard a number of people speaking that they would like to have more energy. Did you know that diet can be a big part in draining our energy?  Actually our diet can impact much more than just our energy level, it can also affect our mental attitude, our moods and overall health.  An easy way to look at it is through the perspective of acid/alkaline balance.

What is this balance, you might ask?
High acidity can affect all of our body systems, from immune, respiratory, circulatory to digestive and intestinal health. When the body is too acidic it wears on the body, causes cellular break-down, does not allow the cells to operate at their optimum. Further, when the communication between the cells becomes impaired, it can also impact the body’s ability to eliminate waste. This creates the perfect environment for disease, yeast, and bacteria to proliferate, which is one of the theories for the development of some cancers. It is thought that an acidic environment is a precursor for cancer.

The body naturally wants to maintain a state of ph balance around 6.4 for the saliva and urine. You can easily test your acidity-alkalinity with ph strips.

When the body has a high acidity level, this causes the body to borrow minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium from the vital organs and bones. These minerals are used to buffer the acid while trying to remove it from the system. The other option the body has is to store the acids in the body in places like the joints, arteries, and tissues. This then weakens the organs and bones. You may have heard that our bones often get weaker as people get older, this acidity balance can be partly responsible.
This is also one of the reasons why when we are under a lot of stress we need more minerals. Because stress too is a contributing factor to the increased acidity levels in the body.

What if am too acidic?
There are a number of things that you can do:
1.    Eat more greens, like spinach and broccoli, take greens like Nature’s Sunshine Greenzone, which is very beneficial to help alkalize the body as well.
2.    Take some digestive enzymes to help get the most nutrients out of your food.
3.    Cleanse the body, often the bowels can have substantial amount fecal build-up making it difficult for the body to absorb all the nutrients.
4.    Support with an absorbable calcium/magnesium supplement to help in the buffering process.
5.    Drink 8 glasses of water per day and add in some fresh lemon juice.
6.    Enjoy a summer strawberry shake.

Peace in Acceptance

Have you ever been in a difficult situation? You are human so I’m sure you have. Trying to adapt to new ideas or changes like moving, a divorce, a new job, a corporate restructuring, or even changes made by our governments can often be challenging.  In some situations there is very little we can do about the situation.  It seems like the more we resist the facts, the worse we feel about the situation. If we aren’t careful it can even bubble into other areas of life and negatively impacting them as well.

When in a situation of this nature it can often be helpful to look at things from a broader point of view.  Ask yourself – how will this situation look in 2 months, a year, or 5 years? What I have found is that how we see the situation (our perspective) can have a tremendous impact on our options and our ability to what we see as possible. Broadening the focus and stepping back from the detail can help us to gain perspective and perspective leads to acceptance. Acceptance leads to calm.

How can acceptance enhance your life? Acceptance gently helps us to accept challenges and changes so we can move forward a little easier. It is not necessarily saying you agree with the situation, however a willingness to accept it.

Often when dealing with challenging situations you may have even noticed a change in your dietary habits. Perhaps you suddenly have incomprehensible cravings for chocolate, pasta, potato chips, cheesecake, ice cream.  The opposite is also a sign for concern -loss of appetite.  The desire to do a cleanse can be a signal that we are internalizing what is happening in the outside world and accepting the change.

Once we are ready to embrace the change that is happening in our lives, then the cravings will start to subside. Are you ready to accept and gain perspective on the changes happening in your life?

Here are a few steps you can take to begin the process.

*    Search your soul: Ask yourself what you learn from the situation at hand.
*    Repeat an affirmation: “I accept with grace and ease for the best outcome.”
*    Incorporate Acceptance – this blend of essential oils work in synergy. The blend helps the nervous system to calm, and balance supporting movement in a positive direction with more ease. It is an uplifting, good feeling blend.
*    Seek other sources of inspiration: Click here to read “How To Change Your Perception From Confusion To Clarity” by Salem.

Metabolic Syndrome X – THE SILENT KILLER
One in three North Americans have metabolic syndrome X, yet most don’t know they do. Many of the diseases we normally associate with aging—weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and loss of mental clarity—are in many cases the result of the ever-growing epidemic known as, metabolic syndrome X.  Click to read more… Metabolic syndrome X

If you enjoyed the article on the silent killer – Metabolic Syndrome X, you may be interested in taking the X test to see where you are.  Do The X Test

Could you be a candidate for it? Predispositions for it include being overweight, having heart disease or high blood pressure, being pre-diabetic or diabetic, having high triglycerides and cholesterol.

If you are a candidate, your Dr. may have told you to watch your diet and they didn’t mean “see food and then watch it go into your mouth.” Rather watching your diet means cutting back on sugar, foods made with white flour, and processed foods. Your body will thank you in many ways.

Manufactures have done a great job of marketing, using buzz words like “natural, whole grains, organic;” however, so often foods are loaded with sugar or some form of it. We have become a society addicted to sugar! Start reading the labels to see how much sugar and carbohydrates are in the packages.

Sugar and caffeine give us instant energy. That “feel good feeling” is often followed by a crash. When we eat sugar and caffeine in excess and over the long-term, they are contributing to premature aging and to the breakdown of our health.

If you are interested in looking at options to change your health or to see what you can do to correct things, book a session where we can do a lifestyle analysis and a Zyto compass (bio-feedback to aid in re-balancing the body – see video).

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