Is life leaving you drained? What does love have to do with it?

Have you been finding yourself feeling drained, low energy, more irritable or even exhausted recently?

I have created a video for you sharing about it and what you can do.


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Every day is an opportunity to express love. When you do this your heart opens and it benefits everyone. It gives life and energy!


Standing in love, is like standing in the light.

When practiced regularly it will help to make you stronger when dealing with adversity and stressful situations. It is also a key to eliminating the draining away of your energy.

You have not been feeling yourself, rather tired, drained or exhausted.

Focusing is a challenge? You say it is age or a part of menopause…

You have been busy doing many things, so much to do…..

If you actually take a moment to stop you feel numb or not what you thought you might be feeling.

Life is not fitting the picture you dreamt it would be.

You ask how come the struggle?

You would like to have more peace, time for yourself.

You wonder what it would be like to wake up feeling refreshed….

It would be nice to not flop into bed with a drained tank.

You want to experience more with your life, tap into your greater joy.

It is possible to:

Live life on your terms!                                        

Dream again and have those dreams come true!                                   

To wake up rejuvenated! 

To connect with your greatness!

 To release what is holding you back from you joy!

I know, I have been there. I know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have created a workshop “Manifest Your Deepest Dreams and Desires”

February 19, 10:30 – 3pm. $85.  Register before Feb 12 $65.


You will leave with a blueprint for your own success and greater joy!

How to have an abundance of energy!

Learn ways to create more harmony for daily living.

How to keep your energy level strong & vibrant.

Learn how to work with the Laws of Vibration and Attraction.


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