Do you struggle with your weight?

Be fit for lifeDo you often find yourself wishing the number on the scale would be lower?  Sometimes it seems no matter what you do it doesn’t change…  I know how damned discouraging that can be!

You lose a couple of pounds and then before you know it, the pounds are back again. Yo-yo-yo-ing. Yikes! 


I know for myself, I was doing all the right things, eating healthy and reducing my calorie intake, but nothing seemed to work.  I ended up throwing out the scales because it was so disappointing and let’s face it – hard on the ego.  I started to pay attention to how my clothes felt when wearing them and although it helped a bit, it didn’t contribute to taking any real weight off.

Have you noticed at times you eat yet don’t seem to feel full, or you simply over eat because you don’t feel satisfied.  Would you like to learn why this happens and some ways to prevent it?

Health and weight-loss is about much more then counting calories. If it was that easy we would not have as many weight-loss companies and products available, nor would be have so many overweight people. Diabetes  and obesity would not be on the rise, and we would have a lot fewer people on pharmaceuticals.

Once making the decision to properly take on my health and invest in it, life became a lot easier because I learned a few simple secrets and the weight released with ease and I felt more nourished without feeling deprived. I also felt more in control of my eating and what best nourished my body.

If you are interested in learning more about healthy weight-loss and ways to truly transform your health for greater vitality and happiness, join us:

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