A way of measuring this or tracking if you’re saying yes to life is to recognize and acknowledge all the small wonderful moments you experience. Oftentimes these moments slip by without a second thought.

  • Did someone you thought of recently suddenly give you a call?
  • Did you give a compliment when you normally wouldn’t?
  • Does being more present in your workday create more harmony and less stress?

These are all cues that life is flowing more unobstructed. Sometimes the cues are minor and will show themselves in a very subtle fashion – it is up to you to look for and appreciate them!

One of the rituals I am going to take on this year is writing down special memorable moments and placing them in a jar or a box, then reviewing them all at the end of the year or even periodically throughout the year. Add accomplishments and compliments to that list and I will be sure to live a year fully connected and aware.

I would love to hear from you what steps you will take to make this a richer year full of precious moments.